In the Beginning

July 13, 2010 § 1 Comment

I’m notorious for starting blogs and abandoning them. In fact, the internet is heavily polluted with my neglected former blogs, which I updated for about one week before forgetting about them, or becoming disinterested.

So, I started brainstorming and researching (aka, wasting time on the internet reading blogs), and realized that travel blogs are really only acceptable for the over-50 crowd (but so is NPR, staying in on weekends to do puzzles, and cardigans…it’s never stopped me before..), the 50 pounds I’m allowed to travel with aren’t especially conducive to an art blog, and I don’t really like taking pictures, so a photoblog is clearly not a good fit.

And then I realized, what I’ll be doing in Denmark are the same things I’d be doing anywhere–eating, talking, walking, meeting people, making friends, making memories.  What I’m doing in Denmark really isn’t just traveling—it’s living. That’s the point of an exchange, to live somewhere. So I’m starting the blog now. While I’m living in Albuquerque. There you have it: this isn’t a blog about traveling, this is a blog about living.


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